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Plasma Coatings
Industrial Plating Company offers its customers the advantages of Ceramic and Metal Coatings using Plasma Flame Spray technology. With these processes we are able to increase wear resistance, reduce or eliminate corrosion, create thermal barriers, and insulate or conduct electricity.

The applications of Plasma Flame Spray technology are practically unlimited. Many materials that can be prepared in a powder form can be applied through these processes and virtually any finish desired can be obtained.

Examples of Plasma Spray and Metalizing Applications
  • Pump Shafts
  • Industrial Rollers
  • Agitator Blades
  • Compressor Parts
  • Armature Shafts
  • Pump Augers
  • Fan Shafts
  • Hydraulic Rods
  • Impellers
  • Roll Journals
  • Turbine Shafts
  • Squeeze Rolls
  • Gear Surfaces
  • Bearing Surfaces
  • Mandrels
  • Spindles
  • Insulation Coatings
  • Conductive Coatings
The three most important performance features of Ceramic Coatings arewear resistance, resistance to high temperatures, and electrical insulation. These coatings also resist oxidizing agents, strong acids, and alkalis.  Wear Resistance is the most common application for ceramic coatings. The coating helps to prevent wear, fretting, galling, rubbing or sliding wear and particle erosion. Many Ceramic Coatings offer wear resistance that is superior to stainless steel, hardened steel, or hard metal coating processes. A Ceramic Coating can transform an ordinary metal into a high-performance material. But there's more to it than just deciding on which coating to use.Industrial Plating Company uses a large array of sophisticated equipment to assure high quality results.

Proper application is extremely critical. High bond strength is possible only through careful control of the melting and subsequent propelling of ceramic particles onto substrate.

Industrial Plating Company offers a wide variety of coatings to meet customer needs.

Example Coatings

Coating ExamplesWear ResistanceCorrosion ResistanceThermal InsulationElectrical Insulation
Aluminum Oxide        
Alumina Titania        
Chromium Oxide        
Magnesium Aluminate        
Magnesium Zirconate        
Zirconium Oxide (Yttria)        
Tungsten Carbide         
Industrial Plating Company also has experience developing proprietary coatings to meet specific customer needs. Please contact us about your unique situation to see how we can help.