Cylindrical Grinding and Machining Services

Industrial Plating Company offers turnkey machining and cylindrical grinding services for a variety of industrial and manufacturing clients. In industries where a high level of precision is necessary, cylindrical grinding provides the ideal solution. Additionally, once a new machine part has been fabricated, we offer pre-grinding services, and after the final coating has been applied, we will finish grinding the component to its blueprint specifications. We have the capabilities to grind almost any material including carbon and stainless steels, alloys, tool steels, hard chrome, ceramic coatings, as well as very hard coatings such as tungsten carbide.

Cylindrical Grinding steel part

Grinding Capabilities and Tolerances

Length: 160″+  
Straightness: Less than .0004″
Total Indicated Runout: Less than .0004″
Diametrical Tolerance: Less than .0004
CNC Cylindrical Grinding
CNC Grinding Capabilities and Tolerances

Length: 78″
Straightness: Less than .0004″
Total Indicated Runout: Less than .0004″
Diametrical Tolerance: Less than .0004"

Our cylindrical grinding services include CNC (computerized numerical control) grinding capabilities to cater to the jobs that require a high degree of precision and efficiency. These CNC grinding services can produce identical components in large quantities and can operate over long stretches of time to complete high-priority jobs.

Industrial Plating Company works with clients that require high-precision cylindrical parts, such as spindles, shafts, precision rollers, and hydraulic spools. These components are essential to multiple industries, which includes the oil and gas, textile, plastics, corrugating, heavy equipment, and hydraulics industries.

Precision roll grinding services also provide the means to repair used rolls and restore them to like-new condition. Industrial Plating Company offers machining services to facilitate the fabrication of new manufacturing rolls and the repair of used rolls. We have more than 50 years of experience in roll grinding and fabrication, and our team can work to meet any tight equipment tolerances. This is a more cost-effective alternative to outright replacing industrial rollers.

We are confident that if you choose to work with our experienced team of industrial grinding professionals, you will find a long-term partner in us to provide these services. No matter the unique specifications for your job, Industrial Plating Company is fully equipped to get the job done.

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