Sustainability in the Manufacturing Industry

Industrial Plating Company strives to promote sustainable industry in two ways - conserving our resources within our operations as well as enabling customers to repair and reuse their existing equipment. We also continually analyze our processes to reduce and eliminate waste to minimize our impact on our environment. Industrial Plating has and continues to invest significant resources to meet or exceed all environmental regulations. Through continuous improvement initiatives, we strive to reduce or eliminate waste and recycle materials.

Practicing Sustainability Saves Time and Money 

Our service offerings enable customers to realize significant savings by repairing used and/or damaged industrial parts. By repairing the part, the customer can typically save 40-60% of the cost of a new part while conserving and re-using the materials. In addition, Industrial Plating Company can repair the part in most cases faster than a new part can be purchased for legacy equipment.

By practicing sustainable industry practices, Industrial Plating strives to minimize waste. We view it as our responsibility as a business to promote and practice sustainability in the manufacturing industry. Our coating, plating, and machining processes are continuously evaluated to further improve our sustainability goals.