Industrial Hard Chrome Plating Services

Industrial Plating Company offers its customers the advantages of industrial hard chrome plating to meet their new surface finish and repair needs.

Industrial Hard Chrome Plating is a layer of chromium which is applied to metal parts through the process of electroplating. Industrial hard chrome is an excellent choice where there is a need to reduce friction, improve corrosion resistance, improve surface hardness, and to build up thickness to restore diameter.

Benefits of Hard Chrome Plating

  • Abrasion Resistance
    Hard chrome offers excellent abrasion resistance because it has a high coefficient of friction. Hard chromed parts last many times longer than hardened tool steel.
  • Wear Protection
    In a punch and die operation, the edges of the punch and the die will wear quickly (especially if the part being punched out is abrasive, e.g. brake shoe material), even if the punch and die are made from hardened tool steel. If the are hard chrome plated the wear will be greatly lessened. If a roller on a production process is hard chromed, it will wear less. Many steel parts that are subject to wear can be hard chrome plated for wear protection, offering cost savings and improved quality in the long run.
  • Mold Release
    Hard chrome adds a lubricity factor, which serves to release parts, e.g. rubber parts, from a mold.
  • Repair Score Marks
    Hydraulic cylinder rods, for example, often become scratched or scored. They can be ground undersized, hard chromed to oversized, then ground to their original OEM specified dimension, making them harder and better than new.
  • Correct Grinding Errors
    Sometimes a diameter on a shaft is mistakenly ground too small. We mask other surfaces and hard chrome the undersized diameter to oversize, so that it can be ground to the correct diameter, thereby saving the part.
  • Thickness
    Hard chrome can be applied from a thickness of 0.0001" (known as a "flash") up to more than 0.040".
These attributes make industrial chrome plating services a great choice for parts that are subjected to high wear such as rolls, tooling, dies, guides, mandrels, screens, shafts, sleeves, and others.

There Are Many Ways Industrial Hard Chrome Can Means Savings For You:
  • Repair of expensive machine parts, such as rolls, hydraulic pistons, cylinders, mandrels, rods, and shafts
  • Applying chrome on new machine parts to prevent wear
  • Applying chrome to machine parts that have not been machined correctly

If you are not already using industrial hard chrome plating technology and have wear problems, contact us and let us solve your problems for you. If you are using hard chrome plating services, check our quality of workmanship and prices for comparison.

Hard Chrome Plated Mirror Finish Textile Winder Roll
Mirror and Matte Finish Chrome Plated Roll
Chrome Plated and Matte Finish Winder Roll
Matte Finish Chrome Plated Roll
Hard Chrome Plated Nodular Finish Godet Roll
Nodular Chrome Plated Roll

Industrial Hard Chrome Plating Industry Standards

Industrial Plating Company has the expertise and capabilities to adhere and certify to the following industry standards for Chrome Plating:

Military Standard for Grinding Chrome Plated Steel and Stainless Steel Parts
Chromium Plating, Low Embrittlement
Federal Specification for Chromium Plating
AMS 2406
Plating, Chromium Hard Deposit
ASTM B-177
Standard Guide for Engineering Chromium Electroplating
ASTM B-254
Standard Practice for Preparation of and Electroplating on Stainless Steel
ASTM B-499-09
Measurement of Chrome Thickness by the Magnetic Method

In addition to the standards listed above, we have expertise adhering to many other proprietary standards across many industries such as Aerospace, Heavy Equipment, Nuclear, Textile, and others.

Please contact us so we help you meet your plating requirements. Our chrome solution is analyzed on a monthly basis by a qualified testing lab. 

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