Industrial Coating Services

Industrial Plating Company offers premium plasma coating solutions and caters to various industrial and manufacturing industries. Our industrial metal plating, machining, and coating services improve the performance and rejuvenate both new and used industrial equipment. We use specialized industrial coating processes to provide the right solutions to every customer.

Industrial Plating Company is one of the premier metal plating companies in the U.S. Our team of experienced professionals meet our customers critical and unique specifications for coatings and surface finishes. We offer a broad range of industrial metal plating, machining, and coating services across many industries. We are fully-equipped to meet the toughest industrial challenges.

Beyond industrial coating services, Industrial Plating Company provides a host of industrial machining and grinding services. These turnkey solutions allow our customers to receive several relevant services simultaneously. We have the ability to provide in-house cylindrical grinding and machining services to fabricate or repair manufacturing rolls.

Additionally, Industrial Plating Company conducts in-house dynamic balancing services to ensure that your machinery and heavy equipment is properly balanced, will produce minimum wear, and have a prolonged lifespan. We aim to provide services that add longevity to your machinery and allow you to reuse existing equipment rather than replace it.

Industrial Plating Company strives to always meet or exceed our customers’ expectations. Our plasma coatings, HVOF coating, hard chrome plating, and machining services all pass through a rigorous quality assurance process to ensure that our customers receive the services that meet their unique needs

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