Machining Services

Machining capabilities make us the ideal partner for businesses in many different industries. All manufactures need replacement parts to keep their manufacturing running. From chemical manufacturers to synthetic fiber manufacturers, industry plating has provided turnkey solutions to help keep customers running. Even manufacturers in the food and beverage industry use machining services to create the components of their factory assembly lines. Regardless of the industry, or the specific part you need made, Industrial Plating Company can finish the job.

In various manufacturing industries, parts are used for years and sometimes decades. To ensure that a part lasts, routine maintenance must be done. Industrial Plating Company offers industrial machine repair services. Often, it is more economical and efficient to repair a part to its original specifications rather than purchase an entirely new part. Our team of highly experienced professionals will repair your parts damaged or deteriorated surfaces and return them to you in nearly the same condition as the day you bought them.

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Welding Services

Depending on the job at hand, it may be necessary to weld your machine parts to repair them. Industrial Plating Company has MIG, TIG, stick welding capabilities used to repair your precision machine parts. MIG welding is an accessible form of welding repair, and it has uses depending on the type of damage, the material, and geometry of the part. TIG welding techniques allow for greater precision and an overall cleaner welding process, which is ideal for more precise machinery. Stick welding is the simplest welding repair process and is faster. It works on a wider variety of materials and is more economical.

We also offer thermal spray options for repairs that can prevent creation of heat effective zones which can lead to part failure under stress. Using thermal spray alternatives to welding limits the temperatures of the component to less than 350F which eliminates potential for warping or changes in the metallurgical properties and hardness of the materials.  

If you have a machine part that you need fabricated or repaired, contact Industrial Plating company to talk to us about how we can help.

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