Industrial Surface Finishing Services

Most components for  equipment need more than just the application of a coating. Secondary machining services are generally required to finish the coated surfaces to meet the requirements of  their intended uses. Our Industrial surface finishing services allow us to meet your blueprint requirements without having to send your parts to an additional vendor to complete the job which increases lead time and cost.

Nodular Finish on Hard Chrome Plated Part
Nodular Finish
Mirror Finish on Hard chrome Plated part
Mirror Finish  < 4 RA
Matte Finish on hard chrome plated part
Matte Finish

During the application of the coating, surface properties can be modified to adjust the roughness of the surface. The surface roughness of most industrial parts is measured in units of RA and is called out on engineering drawings.
Industrial Plating has the ability to achieve very smooth polished surfaces of less than 4 micro-inches (RA). Alternatively we can modify surface textures to produce coated surfaces similar to sandpaper grit from very coarse (16 GRIT) to very fine (320 GRIT).

We achieve industrial surface treatments and finishes across a very wide variety of materials including hard chrome, ceramics such as chrome oxide, tungsten carbide, and chromium carbide based coatings.

Industrial Plating Company has been an industrial surface finishing company for more than 50 years. Our seasoned professionals perform expert craftsmanship and will deliver the perfect solution for any job. Contact us to learn about what our surface finishing services can do for you and your business.

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