Chrome Oxide Coatings

Chrome oxide coatings are dense, hard, wear resistant coatings that are applied with the Plasma coating process. This coating is often chosen for applications where wear resistance is needed while being exposed to chemicals.  Chrome oxide also has excellent self-mating and anti-galling properties.
Chrome Oxide Coating
Chrome Oxide SEM Image
Chrome Oxide Coating Benefits
  • Wear resistance to abrasive grains, hard surfaces, particle erosion, and cavitation below 1000F
  • Insoluble in acidic, alkaline and alcohols
  • Withstands corrosive chemical environments when sealed up to 350 - 400F
Applications of Chrome Oxide Coatings

Chrome oxide is a versatile coating that is commonly used for a number of industrial applications. In addition,
the coating is commonly used in the textile industry for any machine components that come in contact with fibers and/or threads. Chrome oxide coatings are ceramic coatings and are very hard, but can be susceptible to chipping if the coating is extended to a sharp edge of a component.

Examples of Chrome Oxide Ceramic Coating Applications
  • Mechanical Seal Surfaces
  • Pump Impellers
  • Pump Plungers
  • Textile Rolls and guides
  • Wear Sleeves
  • Wire Drawing Capstans
  • Exhaust Fans
Chrome Oxide Coated Wear Sleeve
Chrome Oxide Coated Wear Sleeve for Shaft

Coating Technical Data

The below data table highlights some typical chrome oxide coatings. Chrome oxide coatings exhibit excellent wear resistance and chemical resistance. The silica variation helps acts as a dampening agent which absorbs impact and helps to prevent grain loosening. If you have an application which can experience impact, chromium carbide coatings may offer a better solution.
Max Service
Cross Sectional Hardness (DPH300)
Macro Hardness (Rc)
Max Thickness
Chrome Oxide
900 - 1500
65 -70
Chrome Oxide Silica
900 - 1000
62 - 64

Chrome oxide coating applications that require smooth surface finishes are best finished with silicon carbide and diamond abrasives. Industrial Plating has cylindrical grinding and surface finishing capabilities and expertise to meet your requirements.

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