Industrial Roll Coating and Repair  

Industrial Plating offers turnkey roll coating and repair services.  Industrial roll surfaces are critical for producing quality products. Defects on the surface or worn rolls result in the production of off quality product or can result in reduction in production inefficiencies.

We have significant experience in industrial roller coating and processing for a variety of industries, each with its own important set of requirements. We have the capabilities to not only coat your rolls but also precision grind them to meet your requirements.

Industrial Roller

Roll Coating or Surface Plating

Industrial Plating offers numerous roller coating and plating options to meet unique customer requirements. Our portfolio of options includes Wear Resistant, Corrosion Resistant, & Traction & Release coatings.

Plating and Coating Material Examples:

Industrial Roller Repair and Restoration

Industrial Plating offers several options for restoring the diameter and improving the wear resistance of your rolls. The processes that we recommend will be dependent on the design of the roll, its operating conditions, and other special requirements. We may recommend application of Plasma Coatings, Hard Chrome, HVOF Coatings or other alternatives based on your needs. We also offer solutions for traction and release.

Examples of Rolls Processed

Industrial Plating has the capabilities and expertise to process a broad range of roll sizes with various requirements requirements. Whether it is tapered, crowned, high speed or low speed, we can provide a solution for your needs. 

Various sizes of industrial rollers, ideal for roll coating and repair applications.
  • Applicator Rolls
  • Capstan Rolls
  • Chill Rolls
  • Crowned Rolls
  • Draw Rolls
  • Drive Rolls
  • Doctor Rolls
  • Exit Rolls
  • Feed Rolls
  • Godet Rolls
  • Groove Rolls
  • Heated Rolls
  • Idler Rolls
  • Laminator Rolls
  • Mandrels
  • Puller Rolls
  • Separator Rolls
  • Septet
  • Take Up Rolls
  • Winder Rolls

The above list is just a small sample of the many different types of rolls we have processed. Please contact us with your requirements.

Industrial Roll Coating and Restoration Related Services

Cylindrical Grinding
Cylindrical Grinding

Industrial Plating has experience and expertise to apply and grind various plating & coatings to tight tolerances. This includes carbide based coatings, ceramics, hard chrome, and others.

For more details, check out our cylindrical grinding services.

Surface Finishing Example
Surface Finishing

Industrial Plating offers surface finishing services for industrial rolls. We can achieve a broad range of surface finishes and reproduce complicated and/or precise requirements. We can achieve surfaces from a mirror finish (< 2 RA) to over 1000+ RA which is rougher than 24 grit sandpaper. We have the ability to tightly control and reproduce the surface finish to meet your requirements each time. For more information, read about our surface finishing services.
Dynamic Balancing
Dynamic Balancing

In addition to making repairs, we also offer dynamically balancing to ensure your shafts will not vibrate on install and will greatly improve the life of your bearings and machinery. We have dynamically balanced shafts that rotate at more than 25,000 RPM's. Find out more about our dynamic balancing ‍services.

Typical Machining Services Related to Roll Repair

In addition, our full service machine shop can repair damaged threads, keyways, and other functional areas of the shaft to bring it back it back to its original specifications. Find out more about our Machining Capabilities.

Shaft Keyway Repair
Close-up of a metal roller segment with a slot, used in industrial roller repair.
Shaft Straightening
Shaft Straightening
Bearing Removal and Journal Repair
Bearing Surface Repair

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