Alumina Titania Coatings

Aluminum Titania is a blend of Aluminum Oxide and Titanium Dioxide. The coating is dense and hard, resisting wear due to abrasion, fretting, cavitation, and particle erosion. The coating was developed to provide extremely wear resistant ceramic coating while being able to polish to smooth surface finishes.
Alumina Titania Coating
Aluminum Titania SEM Image
Alumina Titania Coating Benefits
  • Excellent Wear and Abrasion resistance properties up to 1000F
  • Service temperature with thermal barrier to 1000F
  • Resist corrosion when in contact with dilute alkalies
  • Resist wetting by common aqueous solutions
  • Good dielectric properties
Applications of Alumina Titania Coatings

Aluminum Titania coatings are commonly used in the chemical and textile industries where smooth and dense deposits with high friction resistance is required.  In addition, aluminum oxide's dielectric properties make it useful in industrial components that need to prevent conductivity or electrical shorts. The alumina ceramic coating has been used successfully in motor housings, electric railways, and electric components. It's high service temperatures have made it a good candidate for rocket engine thrust chambers and jet engines.

Examples of Coating Applications

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