Titanium Dioxide Coatings

Titanium Dioxide (also known as Titania) is a hard and dense ceramic coating. It is used for a variety of coating applications including wear resistance and electrically conductive coatings. TiO2 coatings are useful because they can be ground and polished to very smooth finishes.
Titanium Dioxide Coating
Titanium Dioxide SEM Image
Titanium Dioxide Coating Benefits
  • Moderate Abrasive Wear Resistance
  • Service temperature of 1000F
  • Good toughness for a ceramic material
  • Good corrosion resistance except with alkalis and sulfuric acid
Applications of Titanium Oxide Coatings

Titanium Oxide coatings are commonly used where a ceramic coating is required and needs a very smooth surface finish. The coating has good wear resistance to abrasive grains which is good for sliding wear situations.

Examples of Titanium Oxide Applications

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