Industrial Shaft Repair  

Industrial Plating offers turnkey shaft repair and improvement services.  Rotating parts must be well maintained to sustain the operating effectiveness of equipment, avoid costly downtime, and help prevent accidents which could result from equipment failure.

Our skilled team has experience repairing and remanufucturing shafts used across numerous industries. We also offer our experience improving the operating life by offering various coating solutions that can reduce damage due to gaulding, reduce improve wear resistance on seal surfaces, dynamically balance to reduce vibration and/or improve motor life and efficiencies.

Motor Shaft
Gear Shaft
Mixing Shaft

Diameter Restoration and Improved Wear Resistance

Industrial Plating offers several options for restoring the diameter and improving the wear resistance of the surfaces that are repaired on the shafts. The processes that we recommend will be dependent on the geometry of the part, its repair history, scope of the damage, and its operating environment. We may recommend application of Plasma Coatings, Hard Chrome, HVOF Coatings or other solutions based on your needs.

Using these coating technologies eliminate the chance that the shaft will become warped or that the metal becomes brittle causing the shaft to shear during installation or operation.

Repaired surfaces are precision ground to ensure the completed part meets dimensional tolerances, concentricity and total indicated runout.

Roller Bearing Surface

Bearing Surface Repair

Bearing surfaces can be damaged due to bearing failure or occur when removal of the bearings results in damage to the shaft. Industrial Plating can repair bearing surfaces without distorting the shaft. Our precision grinding capabilities enable us to restore dimensions to typical bearing tolerances of 0.0002 - 0.0003 inches or less while maintaining concentricity.
Shaft Seal Surface
Seal Surfaces 

Seal surfaces can experience wear if the shaft becomes warped or abrasive contaminates get between the packing material and shaft. Industrial Plating can repair the surfaces to better condition by offering various coating solutions which improve the wear resistance.
Tapered Shaft
Tapered Surfaces

Industrial Plating has experience and expertise to repair tapered surfaces on shafts. Whether the surface has a Jarno taper, Morris taper, or another custom taper, our team has the expertise and equipment repair the tapered surface to restore it to the correct taper and achieve the proper gauge line.
Dynamic Balancing Machine
Dynamic Balancing

In addition to making repairs, we also offer dynamically balancing to ensure your shafts will not vibrate on install and will greatly improve the life of your bearings and machinery. We have dynamically balanced shafts that rotate at more than 25,000 RPM's. Find out more about our dynamic balancing services.

Machining Services Related to Shaft Repair

In addition, our full service machine shop can repair damaged threads, keyways, and other functional areas of the shaft to bring it back it back to its original specifications. Find out more about our Machining Capabilities.

Shaft Keyway Repair
Shaft Keyway Repair
Shaft Straightening
Shaft Straightening
Thread Repair
Thread Repair

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