Chromium Carbide Coatings

Industrial Plating Company uses chromium carbide coatings to give our customers a way to protect their components and machinery from abrasive wear in high temperature and corrosive environments. Applied typically through HVOF spray technology, chromium carbide is comprised typically of powdered tungsten, cobalt, and chromium.
Chromium Carbide Coating
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Chromium Carbide Coating Benefits

Chromium Carbide Coating Benefits Chromium Carbide coatings result in a dense, well-bonded, very hard coating that is well suited for fretting and abrasive wear and hard surfacing.  These coatings stand up to high temperatures and can offer resistance to corrosion, heat and oxidation in temperatures up to 930F.

The benefits of a chromium carbide coatings applied with the HVOF process include:
Applications of Chromium Carbide Coatings

Chromium Carbide coatings typically solve industrial challenges such as wear, abrasion, and erosion similar to Tungsten Carbide coatings. However, the chromium carbide family of coatings differentiates itself in being able to perform better in corrosive environments.

Chromium carbide coatings are typically applied to oil field equipment such as gate and ball valves, high wear areas of down hole equipment.

Example Chromium Carbide Applications
Tungsten Carbide 10% Cobalt 4% Chromium
Corrugating rollers, pump seals, hydraulic rods, pump piston rods, compressor shafts, paper and textile rolls, hard chrome alternative.
Provides good wear and corrosion resistance.

Chromium Carbide 37% Tungsten Carbide
Pumps housing and impellers, boiler tubes, and chemical processing plant equipment components
Good wear resistance with better corrosion resistance in alkaline, sulfuric, or saline solutions
Chromium Carbide 25% Nickel Chromium
Hydraulic cylinders and piston rods, valve stems, turbine components, pump housings
Good wear resistance and excellent corrosion resistance in NaOH, NaCl  and acidic environments. Avoid HCl solutions.
Tungsten Carbide 9% Cobalt 5% Chromium 1% Nickel
Mining rollers, pump seals, paper and textile rolls, hydraulic cylinders, hard chrome alternative.
Good wear resistance with excellent corrosion protection in NaCl, good in HCl, sulfuric, and sodium hydroxide.

Coating Technical Data
Max Service
Micro Hardness (HV0.3)
Macro Hardness (HR15N)
ASTM G65 B Wear Rate (cubic inches)
Tungsten Carbide 10% Cobalt 4% Chromium
750 - 1450
> 90
< 0.00024
Chromium Carbide 37% Tungsten Carbide
1050 - 1250
> 92
< 0.00024
Chromium Carbide 25% Nickel Chromium
850 - 1200
> 90
< 0.00055
Tung. Carbide 9% Cobalt 5% Chrome 1% Nickel
1050 - 1400
> 92
< 0.00024

Chromium carbide coating applications that require smooth surface finishes must be ground with diamond abrasives. Industrial Plating has cylindrical grinding and surface finishing capabilities and expertise to meet your requirements.

These are just a small sample of the coatings that we offer. Additional materials with different performance properties are available to meet the specific needs of your application.

We have over 50 years of experience applying plating and coating on a vast range of industrial machinery and equipment. Contact Industrial Plating Company today, and learn about chromium carbide uses and the options we have available.

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